About me

I’m a software craftsman at heart and a software architect by trade at Nokia. I am currently working hard in designing software to automate the operations of telecommunications operators networks around the world. Previously, I also proudly helped bringing the Nokia Bell Lab’s Future X vision for the next generation of telecommunications networks to fruition. Of my 20+ years career in the software industry, more than half of it has been around the creation and design of software to digest gargantuan blobs of performance management data coming from the most complex telco networks around the world and turning it into knowledge about the network health and insights about its future capacity.

I’m also a mentor and champion (organizing member) of CoderDojo LX and co-founder of CoderDojo Futurix, the two active CoderDojos in Lisbon as I’m also a strong believer that children should learn how to code from an early age. Not because everyone should become software engineers in the future but for the same reason as we learn about the Human Body or other stuff at school, because it plays a crucial role in today’s society and daily life and as such it’s of crucial to know how it works.

I’m a UNIX flavored geek, eating JAVA for breakfast, business requirements for lunch and dumping smelly webservices design and REST APIs specs in the afternoon.